FAQ Thailandpsas.com

FAQ Thailandpsas.com

What is SHABA ID
– SHABA ID is the reference number that hotel will issue you when you make a booking and make the payment to them.

What is the departure date.
– The departure is the date that you plan to leave Thailand, in the case you book on way ticket you can leave it empty.

Error: “All shaba bookings should be consecutive nights”
– Please book one person at a time
– Please make sure the Check out on the first hotel booking are the same at the check in date.

Error: “The check-in date does not correlate with the arrival flight date”
– The flight arrived date are not the same with the check-in date ( in the case your flight arrived before 6 AM please make additional night before the flight arrive)

What is “Request the medical certificate”
– It is the certificate that will be issue for you to use to boarding the airplane with in the 72 hours of the test.

How many times do children under 6 years old test?
– Children under 6 years old need 1 test

How much each test cost?
– Day 1: 2,400 THB
– Day 6 and Day 13: 2,800 THB

Can I refund by booking?
– Any refund occur will have 5% charge on the amount.

How long refund process take?
– Refund processes take within 45-60 days and after that depend on the bank of issuer.

What is the refund process?
– Please sent the email to psas@pkcd.co.th with the invoice number and last 4 digits of credit card number.