Phuket City Development Co., Ltd. (PKCD) is a joint venture of Phuket successful businessmen. Currently, 47 members contribute a total registered capital of 156 million Baht. Established under the concept of “Social Enterprise,” PKCD cooperates with government and private sectors at all levels to develop Phuket province into a leading world-class tourist city.

PKCD's Core objective

  1. To develop Phuket to its maximum capacity.

  2. Allow all Phuket residents to have access and opportunity in investing in PKCD.

  3. Good governance.

  4. Aim to utilize profits and re-invest back to Phuket and drive sustainable economy.



Develop a network of public transportation options, including both land and water-based systems.
          Develop and upgrade transportation systems on land, water, and air to promote the aviation industry and logistics sector. This will elevate Phuket to a technology-driven and intelligently innovative city, supporting economic growth, travel, and connecting the world’s gateways to various key areas of Phuket province.


Develop Phuket City into a world-class tourist city.
          Phuket must be strategically developed to adapt to the rapid economic influx of tourists and investors. This will prepare the island to become a world-class tourist destination.


Develop public utility infrastructure.
          Phuket can achieve energy independence by supporting the development of distributed renewable energy systems for personal use. This includes producing electricity from natural sources like solar or wind power, along with the creation and provision of necessary infrastructure, including the development of efficient public utility systems for power distribution


Develop Phuket to be the first smart city of the southern region.
          Phuket is likely the first name that comes to mind when considering smart city development in Thailand. This small city boasts a high economic growth rate fueled by tourism and foreign investment.  Phuket’s infrastructure is well-developed, making it a prime candidate for this initiative. In 2015, Phuket was selected as the first pilot city for the Smart City project, a government policy aiming to boost the national economy by driving the digital sector. This project aligns perfectly with Thailand’s 4.0 development plan, which focuses on innovation and technology.

Phuket Smart Bus public bus Serving tourists and Phuket residents as a public transportation system in Phuket Province. To solve the problem of the public transportation system within Phuket province. Ready to help reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Phuket Pay, a cashless society In the form of e-money service payment, service provided in cooperation with Rabbit Card. together issue name card “Phuket Rabbit Card” a prepaid card used to pay for Phuket Smart Bus fares. BTS Skytrain, Bangkok, RTC, Chiang Mai, City Bus, as well as paying for goods and services at stores that accept Rabbit cards nationwide. instead of paying cash

City Data Analytics, opening up city planning data Phuket Island in 3D View various Phuket information via touch screen desk Located in the hall area

Contact us

Phuket City Development Company Limited
9/8 Village No. 5, Wichit Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District Phuket Province 83000
Tel: 076 685 338
Email: info@pkcd.co.th